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Seven things you can do to make an outstanding Cover Letter:

  1. Think of the difference between letter and resume. While the CV is the presentation of your education and your professional life is the personal letter a customized presentation to the employer. Pour not the CVs in the letter. However, it might be good to highlight the merits of CVs in the letter that are relevant to the job you are seeking. For you can not count on your resume gets read if not the letter arouses interest.
  2. Customize. A common failure is to use the same letter to all applications. But you have to explain why you want exactly this job and why you are suitable for it. Because you think it looks fun and exciting is not enough. Put yourself in the employer’s perspective, why should they hire you? In order to write a good cover letter, you must then find out as much as possible about both the service and the employer.
  3. Sell yourself. Sell itself can be difficult, but it is exactly what you need to do in the letter. Write a list of all the knowledge and experience you have and ask others what is best with you. Then select the things that are most relevant to the job you seek and tell us about them in the letter. Do not forget to also look at the experience of privacy that could be of use in the job, such as involvement in associations or language skills.
  4. Avoid this. Keep it simple with details and do not use jargon or branschord that ordinary people would not understand. Do not talk about what you can not. Do not pull your life story and do not tell about the misery in your life. Keep in mind that it’s a business letter, you express yourself professionally. Do not be too brisk and skip expressions dibs opment and hey hope. Age and Marital status are not needed.
  5. Spot on. Many people start by telling you about themselves. Do not do it. The introduction should be short and punchy and explain what job you are seeking and why you are suitable for it. For example: ”I have read with great interest your ad on where you are looking for a committed and independent sellers. That’s exactly what I’m looking for right now. To develop solutions and present them to the customer in a convincing manner is my job for 6 years. ”
  6. Format. Most write the whole letter as scrolling text, but it is not at all necessary. The introduction should preferably be running text, the rest may be in point form. You can also set up a table where one column headed ‘you seek ”and lists the service criteria, while the second is entitled” I offer, ”and show how your skills and experience match the criteria. Regarding the length of the letter should not exceed one A4 page.
  7. End. Instead of ”goodbye” letter should end with a call to action. ”I look forward to seeing you and telling you more about myself,” for example, is an indirect call to call you for an interview. If it is a spontaneous application, ie where you have not seen an advertisement, you should clarify whether it is you or the employer who is expected to follow up. For example, ”I’ll call you in a week.” Or ”hear from you if it sounds interesting.”